Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Gospel Message

There is a reason why the story and teachings of Jesus was told 4 different ways by 4 different guys and made it into the BIble in 4 different books.  BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT.  Anyone who has studied literature will tell you how repetition is a literary device used to show importance (and other things).  Is it any wonder there is so much attention given to the life of God who came down in flesh?  This must be given priority in our study and teaching.  Now, that is not to say that the rest of the Bible isn't important or shouldn't be taught - because it is and should.  You wouldn't understand the Gospel without the rest of the Bible.  Everything before it leads up to it and sets up why it was necessary.  Everything after it describes what to do with it and what will happen because of it.  But don't miss this - the essentials are in the Gospel.  If you are structuring your life around Deuteronomy primarily, you're misusing your Bible.  The OT provides you the backstory of the history of God and people and that all points to and leads up to the Jesus part of the story.  It is vital to read the OT so that you get a better picture of who God is, how people had relationship with Him, and there are many beneficial things to learn there.  Also, a lot of people like the writings of Paul.  All that stuff is good, but the story of Jesus is in there 4 times for a reason - because it is the most important part.  Whatever part of the Bible you are reading, keep all this in mind, and it will enrich your understanding and will keep bringing you back to the Gospel.  One last sidenote - are we teaching and preaching it as that important as well?  Same arguments listed above apply to teaching - do we have that understanding?  Christ followers need to primarily be living the life Jesus Christ instructed them to.  

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