Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was listening to Ed Young's sermon on iTunes from this past Sunday and he put words to a distinction we need to recognize.  The term tolerance used to mean "acceptance".  You tolerate it, you accept it.  In this way, Christians should be tolerant.  And it is something we try to be - accepting.  We accept people with various lifestyles, problems, attitudes, etc.  Or at least we should.  But today it has a different connotation, which goes askew of this original meaning.  Now it means "approval."  Now, in order to be tolerant, we not only have to accept something, we have to approve of it, or applaud it.  If we do not approve of lifestyles, problems, attitudes, etc., we are labeled as intolerant.  There is a need for us as Christians to be tolerant (accepting) of all people, but we need not applaud their lifestyles and actions when they go opposite to our values and teachings - AND THIS INCLUDES OURSELVES.  People who attend church regularly need to stop approving of their own lifestyles and habits as well, when they also run counter to a life that would honor God.  So, we should be tolerant (accepting) of everyone, but not to the point where we applaud things we know to be sinful.  When people do come, the opposite reaction is not the best either - to condemn them for what they are doing.  What the church needs to do when people are hurting or need help is to put down our stones and get our our bandaids (thanks Jud).   If imperfect people can't come to the church and receive all the help they need, where can they go?  If we're not that place, what are we?  

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