Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was on the Deadly Vipers website this morning, and watched an interview with Jud Wilhite and Mike Foster from Catalyst last year.  Something they said just kind of stuck out to me so I thought I'd mention it here.  It was a statement that is simple, yet profound and worth repeating to lots of people, but especially myself.  They said, as leaders, we need to be people of "radical grace, and radical integrity."  As I thought about that, I realized you can't really add much to that.  Show people grace, and act with integrity, both of which we get from God.  Everything else falls under that umbrella somewhere - being humble, honest, preaching the Gospel, etc. - all of these happen, and happen well with people who are full of grace and integrity.  The further I go into this calendar year, the more the importance of our relationship with God is being brought to my attention.  And, the more I see people living without it.  As pastors, or leaders - we can't do this in the lives of other Christians - we can't make them have a good relationship with God.  They have to want to.  And since everything else (integrity, grace, etc) comes from having a relationship with God - it seems like that better be at the top of our priority list - for ourselves and for those around us.  

My first 5 days of 60 minutes for 60 days has gone pretty well.  When I am out on a photo shoot, I am realizing that I don't hear the little chime sometimes (too engrossed I guess).  But I can already tell that I am much more constantly connected to God than I was a week ago.  This has been a great decision and already I am feeling much closer to God, which is helping in my daily living.  

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