Thursday, June 28, 2007

First post

I have been inspired by my long-distance friend Pastor Rick, of the Nags Head Church to create a blog. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is a high-speed, internet, technology age, so I need to get with it. I am a 27 year old working through seminary on my way to a life mission that only God knows of right now. I am not sure where He will take me, but I am anxious to get there, still enjoying the journey all the way.

I decided to title this blog Counter Culture Christian Guy because that's what I am, or at least am trying to be. Not only am I a Christian guy, but as such I am called to be counter-cultural - in such places as the Sermon on the Mount and other places. Jesus certainly wasn't like most of the people in His day, and He calls me to follow Him. I am not of this world, but I am in it. The only way that the world will know something other than itself is if Christians encounter them with something different than what's in the world. That is counter-cultural Christianity.

I will be writing much more about this and other ideas/issues/stories that I encounter. I am an avid reader and I like to discuss what I am reading about and how it applies to my life. I also enjoy photography and will probably post pictures from time to time to show important events as they occur.

God called me to ministry, and this is just one more way for me to be reaching out. If you are reading this and don't know whether or not you will spend eternity in Heaven, know this: You were created to have a relationship, but you don't have it yet, but you can - for free, but it's your choice. That relationship is with God, your creator and savior.

There are many Bible verses worth quoting, but John 8:32 comes to mind today, "...the truth will set you free." There is absolute truth to everything in this world and it comes from God, but there is also a huge set of lies that are available for you to believe to. Truth comes from God. Lies come from Satan. Seek the truth, and it will set you free.

Until next time, your fellow truth-seeker and counter-cultural Christian,


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